The code of Alfrothul

The code of Alfrothul

The code of Alfrothul; Our Values: For us this code is a referring one than our values they represent. Our texts, myths,sagas, songs… etc. Always have transmitted to us a series of values with which we have felt identified and we have tried to follow and to apply in our daily life, and these values represent it.


Courage: Is something that we must always have to confront the obstacles of the life, in spite of the adversities we have to look inside us for that hidden force in our interior that leaves when we needed, we have to work to confront our fears and to overcome them.


Truth: We are always sincere with our dear beings and with ourself. We do not have to fall in the lie and the deceit, rather to try to be honest yet the world and with ourself.


Honor: The Honor is something reflected in our sagas and myths, something and so us we often identify and we have to try to carry out in our life daily. It is an internal force that reflects our reputation and internal knowledge than what we are and what we do.


Fidelity: The fidelity is an act and a sample that our person reflects, not only is necessary to have it in the loving life also exists fidelity to principles, to the friendships, to the Gods… This is something very significant in our necessary conduct and in the present ages.


The discipline: The self-discipline is very important for us, since without this it has present disorder that reflects our contemporary society. We have to try to be disciplined inner to get make the things with order and fine.


Hospitality: This is something very important for our conception to see the things, and this goes beyond the hospitality of the home that is very important for us. Also one is due to see in all the facets like in the respect the people.


Hardworking: We must work with persistence and effort to secure our goals, we have an active and creative vision of the things and as so we put all the possible persistence in it.

Confidence: It depends in ourself, we understand that there are to forge ours own morality and to trust in ourself is very important for it.


Perseverance: In an imperfect world the perseverance only makes secure the goals us that we set out, is easy to leave or to comply hoping to that our desires, but this are fulfilled is a totally opposite position to our spirit who asks to us to fight for all we believes.


Inheritance: For us the inheritance is very important, considering that is of where we come and what we are, descendants of our ancestors. For that reason we honored them always, and we dedicated them a time in his memory, maintaining the flame alive, the flame of his inheritance, so that they are always present and his past does not forget and that remains in all.


Justice: We believes the justice has to be always present, like we like that they deal to us with justice, to give an opportunity to deserves that, be right in the good thing and the bad thing and this will let us grow like persons.


Generosity: Sharing things with the others is a great internal growth for us, we must know how to give to never deserve whom it and to be greedy with ours, friendly and family. To share is a great gift.

Copyright Alfrothul Association

Acerca de David Wolfheart

Soy un seguidor de la religión Asatrú desde hace varios años. Fundador, presidente y Goði (sacerdote) de la entidad religiosa reconocida por el estado Alfrothul Asatrú Folkish. Este es un grupo Asatrú de tierras catalanas, en el cual se practican ceremonias y ritos. Llevo varios años trabajando y escribiendo en webs, artículos y otros muchos trabajos relacionados con Asatrú. Anteriormente fundé la Asociación Cultural “Antigua Tradición Nórdica Alfrothul”, y soy miembro en Europa de la Asatrú Folk Assembly, para la que trabajo y represento desde hace varios años, en el sur de Europa. Este año he publicado el libro Asatrú - La llamada de los dioses del norte, este es el primer libro para la practica de Asatrú, una guía de blots y rituales Asatrú. Este es mi blog de Asatrú – Reflexiones de una religión nativa europea en el mundo moderno, para dar a conocer está religión y tradición a todo aquel que desee acercarse, y tenga curiosidad por esta fascinante religión nativa europea. Asatru en estos tiempos de cambios, está aumentando. Los propios pueblos de ascendencia europea, oyen la llamada de los dioses del norte y están despertando para ocupar su destino. Llegan días maravillosos, en los que volvemos a conectar con nuestras raíces y con lo que somos.

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