Our Folkish Vision – David Wolfheart

Our Folkish Vision – David Wolfheart

Some time ago, Alfrothul decided, seeing some attitudes in the Asatru Community to began a campaign and a complaint against the hatred and xenophobia, we believed it was necessary for the good of our faith and tradition. We did this to see that it was necessary to show that our position on this issue is clear. Love your descendants, never hate others. Add to this that we do not like modern Asatru currents cut our faith and tradition to fit their ideas and modern trends, including policies and liberal universalism tend more closer to the monotheistic religions. We believe that there may be differences and there may be debate between Asatru groups to draw conclusions, but some things are not negotiable. Asatru has to be rigid and immovable with things that are timeless, as our values (the 9 noble virtues or the Alfrothul Code, for example), our respect for the Gods and Godeses, our respect to the Nature, and above all, respect for our ancestors from who descended us, this is our heritage and who we are, and this is unchanging. All that does not keep this ,our essence and who we are, is to cut Asatru to mold a more modern ideas, more globalist, or at times, xenophobic extremist or otherwise. This causes great harm to Asatru. In our myths and sagas, we can perceive allegories and values, those values and things that convey our texts must always preserve even collide with the lifestyle of today´s society because they are our base and we must take care not to weaken our essence and our ethics. Our culture, values, and our descent and inheritance can not be molded. Once this is understood, it is normal that they have different points of view, differences and different visions of Asatru in Asatru groups and in our kindreds. Our kindreds may have their personal vision and unique or personal things. From there if we can respectfully discuss among ourselves on staying or in our discussion forums, so between all take different conclusions. We respect any position made with respect , no matter if is more identitary, folkish or traditionalist, we believe in respect and act accordingly. Having said that, we as Asastrú Folkish clear, that we respect and respect other customs and other pagan cults, have called for respect for us. Many times when we feel rooted in our faith, our ancestors, our culture or our heritage and European descent we are attacked by people who do not share our vision of things, and intentionally or not, compare our position with discriminatory attitudes or hatred. This, apart from being totally unfair is totally false, wanting to preserve our tradition, our heritage, ancestral and spiritual legacy of our ancestors from ancient times is not discrimination, is quite the opposite is what we love and love and pride to descend and we want to preserve it in a globalized world in which identities are being lost in every culture. We want to preserve our identity as a people and for us Asatru is not what we choose is who we are. As Europeans we are Asatru is our native religion in pre-Christian times, this was practiced for hundreds of years by our ancestors, we see that every human group has its own such as Native American, African … etc. We also understand that they like to preserve their native roots and we, as Europeans, we like to preserve ours. We believe there is value and respect different cultures, religions and beliefs of each nation and its people that make up the great human mosaic. We are respectful. We do not believe in making the world even with a single “culture” and a single vision of things. We have a clear vision of our tradition and our faith, we believe that this goes beyond something that is chosen for us our faith is something more than that, it is our heritage, our ancestors left us and we believe that the link with them is more than important, and that faith and heritage are linked.
Asatru Ultimately for us it is a modern paganism, but the recreation of native faith, which were our ancestors, the ancient native spiritual expression Indo-European peoples. It is a polytheistic faith who love nature and feel a strong bond with her, to us is not what we choose, that´s where we come from and what we are. Heritage and tradition is not hate.

DavidWolfjeart – AFA folkbuilder & Alfrothul kindred

Copyright Alfrothul Association


Acerca de David Wolfheart

Soy un seguidor de la religión Asatrú desde hace varios años. Fundador, presidente y Goði (sacerdote) de la entidad religiosa reconocida por el estado Alfrothul Asatrú Folkish. Este es un grupo Asatrú de tierras catalanas, en el cual se practican ceremonias y ritos. Llevo varios años trabajando y escribiendo en webs, artículos y otros muchos trabajos relacionados con Asatrú. Anteriormente fundé la Asociación Cultural “Antigua Tradición Nórdica Alfrothul”, y soy miembro en Europa de la Asatrú Folk Assembly, para la que trabajo y represento desde hace varios años, en el sur de Europa. Este año he publicado el libro Asatrú - La llamada de los dioses del norte, este es el primer libro para la practica de Asatrú, una guía de blots y rituales Asatrú. Este es mi blog de Asatrú – Reflexiones de una religión nativa europea en el mundo moderno, para dar a conocer está religión y tradición a todo aquel que desee acercarse, y tenga curiosidad por esta fascinante religión nativa europea. Asatru en estos tiempos de cambios, está aumentando. Los propios pueblos de ascendencia europea, oyen la llamada de los dioses del norte y están despertando para ocupar su destino. Llegan días maravillosos, en los que volvemos a conectar con nuestras raíces y con lo que somos.

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